We would all benefit from greater compassion in lives, by showing compassion to ourselves and to others. Hurt people, hurt people – it’s a cycle we need to put an end to so that we can all live to happiest, healthiest, and greatest potential.


4 Ways to Increase Compassion


  1. Meditation: We can connect with ourselves at such an integral and intuitive level when we meditate alone, and guided meditations on love, kindness, and kindness develop our compassion.


  1. Vulnerability: Being honest about your struggles with people you feel safe with builds trust and loyalty between you, and this connection cultivates compassion.


  1. Gratitude: Becoming more aware and appreciative of the good and positive things will make the presence of these things clearer and more obvious, and increase our acceptance and compassion when things don’t go the way we had hoped.


  1. Volunteering: Nothing makes you feel more compassion than helping those who need it from you, and show you appreciation for your efforts, because it instills a sense of greater purpose for our lives.


5 Benefits of Compassion


  1. Less Anxiety and Depression: Since self-judgment feeds anxiety and depression, and raises stress hormone levels, becoming compassionate towards yourself allows you to protect yourself.


  1. More Meaningful, Honest Relationships: Hurt people, hurt people. A lack of self-compassion leads us to act in harmful ways toward others to protect our egos from criticism.


  1. Improved Productivity at Work: Managers who suspend anger, frustration, criticism, and judgment when handling employee’s mistakes, and instead take a compassionate and curious approach, make a more positive impact on those around them, creating healthier work environments.


  1. Less Anger, Blame, and Conflict with Others: The opposite of compassion is anger, blame, criticism, and frustration, which weaken relationships, erode loyalty, promote secrecy, mistrust, and embarrassment. All around, a lack of compassion is not good.


  1. Improved Health and Immunity: Self-compassion involves wanting health and well-being for yourself, which leads to positive and proactive behaviours that improve your decision-making and quality of life.

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