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Sarah Webb

Co-Owner and Corporate Contact

Matthew Kelemen

Meditation Instructor

Additional Meditation Services

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Group rates for our space (or yours).

Meditation Parties

Like a tupperware party, except we breathe and no one buys anything


Monthly workshops on mindfulness and meditation.

Why did we Start Modern + Mindful?

We wanted to create an option for people to enjoy a moment or two for themselves on a regular basis. We understand what it’s like trying to sit still for a few minutes, and just how difficult it can be. This is why our classes are a quick 30 minutes- long enough to feel the many scientifically proven benefits of meditation, and short enough to fit into your day- find out more about how we can bring meditation to your space today!

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Why meditation? Why in Calgary?

People have been meditating for thousands of years. While the practice isn’t new, Modern + Mindful have changed the way in which people practice, by bringing the space for group meditation to Calgary, in a modern, non secular format.. (meaning no religious affiliation, robes, or classes led by monks*).

meet our team

(* Monks are more than welcome, though.)