What is Modern + Mindful?

Modern + Mindful is Calgary’s top mobile meditation company, offering a variety of ways to pause in today’s 24/7/365 digital world.  At Modern + Mindful we are not reinventing meditation; we are simply refining how it is practiced in a modern world.

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How can meditation help?

Top Reasons to Meditate

  1. Get Smarter

    It changes your brain- for the better

  2. Be Happy

    It boosts your happiness

  3. Accomplish More

    It improves your productivity

  4. Shift in Perspective

    It makes you wiser- better perspective on life

Most Common Questions

I’ve never meditated before- how do I start?

Simply attend one of our lunchtime classes (perfect for a beginner level) or arrange a private session at your office or home. One time may make you feel more relaxed, but do note it’s when you commit to a regular meditation that your brain will start to physically change (for the better!)

I have a difficult time sitting - can I still attend a class?

Our lunchtime classes take place in a comfortable boardroom so you don’t have to worry about your legs falling asleep!

I work out regularly and find it to be a very mindful experience. Would meditation still be of benefit to me?

Yes- it can help hone in your focus on a run, and help you mentally push through that last set at the gym. Plus meditation is a great daily practice you can incorporate into your life in your day to day clothes, as there is much less sweating!

Am I meditating properly?

The fact that you are sitting in silence and focusing on your breath is a great start! It will get easier over time, and our staff are always happy to chat after a class or corporate session.

What should I wear?

Anything that you feel comfortable in.

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