This might not be on your health and wellness bucket list — yet — because you didn’t even know such an incredible experience existed.

Canmore Cave Tours adventures has partnered with Calgary’s Modern + Mindful, as part of its UnEarthed series to offer Inner Mountain Meditation in the depths of Rat’s Nest Cave, an Alberta Heritage Site.

This is a workout for the body, mind and soul. Physically, it’s a test of your moxie to enter the cave and rappel, slither and shimmy past ancient bones and pictographs, and simply be blown away as you descend beneath the earth. Then in your red coveralls covered in dust, your headlamp-equipped helmet, you scamper further down into The Gallery. It’s a cathedral-like space with amazing acoustics — elevating your “om” to perfection — in darkness and near silence (save for the occasional droplets from the cave ceiling.)

Sitting there, you can’t help but think this might just be the coolest thing you’ve ever done.

An Inner Mountain Meditation is planned for June 27. Find out the details at



Article Courtesy of the Calgary Herald

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