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Are you ready to take a proactive step in creating an intentional life – one where your dreams are defined and swiftly desired?

Creating a vision board is an incredibly empowering project, and like all intentional efforts where we listen to our heart’s desires and then FOCUS our energies over time, has amazing powers to manifest those dreams into your life.

What areas in your life, whether at home, personally, friends wise, career, or financially, are you wanting to improve?

Allow us to guide you through a visualization technique to help you reach your true potential and recognize your highest desires. We will help to clarify what you desire for your future.

Art supplies, picture frame and kombucha will be provided. Walk away inspired with a beautiful vision board, and a few new plans for the future, be it in 6 months or 6 years. Bring your mom, bestie, or a buddy for a discount

Cost: $45 for one person // $75 for two people